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Negros Occidental, Philippines


Wispering Palms Bungalow Resort

Welcome to Paradise!

All our bungalows have a beautiful sea view, other apartments open in luxurious tropical garden. All of our vacation rentals have a terrace or balcony, others have a garden patio. Some are close to the beach, others are in the vicinity of Whispering Palms Shark Bar. We will meet your needs exactly.

Enjoy total relaxation - switch off, we take care of every detail!

At our resort going traditional charm and uniqueness of Philippine culture hand in hand. In an idyllic bay with turquoise-tropical water provides the Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island our discerning travelers the amenities of a comfortable life, and at the same time easy access to numerous Activities.

Detlev and Joy. Owners of the Whispering Palms Resort Philippines
Detlev and Joy - Owners of the Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort

The bungalow resort "Whispering Palms" is situated directly on the seaside with offshore coral reefs and small islands, nestled in a tropical garden with palm trees.
The Bungalow Resort has 14 rooms and 3 bungalows in typical Filipino style, located in a tropical palm fringed garden. The bungalows feature a generous amount of space inside and outside and is a true oasis of tranquility.
Find the awaited sea directly to the resort. The tropical environment, mild climate, unique natural beauty and crystal clear waters. The "Sipaway Divers" dive center invites you to snorkel and scuba diving and the resort offers a lot of sports.
A varied selection of private and group tours offers you the opportunity to explore the pristine beauty of the Philippines and the hidden cultural riches of its inhabitants.


Our Rooms with Prices valid until 31 August 2024

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com

  • Standard
  • 2.500
    per Night/ 2 Persons
  • Family Deluxe
  • 4.700.-
    per Night/ 2-4 Persons
  • Bungalow
  • 7.000.-
    per Night/ 4 Persons
The standard rooms are designed simple but very suitable rooms for two people. They are equipped with a fan and cold water.
The deluxe room for two persons were inaugurated in December 2006. They feature a cozy interior and a large terrace. Again, air conditioning and hot water for granted.
The family deluxe room for two to four people were inaugurated in November 2007. They feature a cozy interior, and a large covered terrace with a parasol mushroom. Also air conditioning and hot water for granted.
The single-detached bungalow with two bedrooms, a cozy living room and a spacious bathroom with shower can accommodate four people. Of course, with air conditioning / fan and hot water.

Whispering Palms Re-Open 2020

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com

  • Tree House
  • 1.800
    per Night/ 2Persons
The Treehouse is a special adventure. Stay overnight in the Native Park of Whispering Palms in the air. And yes a Cr and Shower are as well in the Treehouse
Our 4 Bahay Kubos are located in the Center of the Native Park. The Native design invite for groups and Families. In these rooms your able to bring your own food!
Why you should choose us?

Enjoy the tranquility and indulge yourself in our palms and Bungalow Resort. We know what things make our resort for you even more comfortable and enjoyable!

Welcome as Dayguest

A Lot to do and to discover

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com





  • Entrance only
  • 250.-
    per Person
  • No Food or Drinks!
  • Tabletennis
  • 50
    per Hour
  • Including Rackets & Ball
  • Volleyball
  • 50
    per Hour
  • Including Ball & Sand
  • Billiard
  • 50
    per Hour
  • Including Cues & Chalk
  • Bike
  • 50.-
    per Hour
  • Including Bike
  • Kayaking
  • 350.-
    per Hour
  • Single or Double Kayak
  • Banana Boat
  • 1.750.-
    per Boat
  • max. 5 Persons - 15 minutes
  • Snorkeling
  • 350.-
    per Person
  • Full Equipment for 1 Hour
  • Discover Diving
  • 3.250.-
    per Person
  • Full Equipment & Instructor
  • VIP Lounge
  • 800.-
    per Lounge max. 10 Pax
  • No Corcarge Fee
  • Tent for Rent
  • 1.200.-
    per Day incl. 4Tables & 24 Chairs
  • No Corkage Fee
  • Pool Fee
  • 50
    per Person
  • day-use

New Videos

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com

Tañon Pier shine in a new Beauty

After a Long renovation Process we are so glad to Announce that our Tañon Pier shine in a new Beauty. As well we like to show you the next days the New Tañon Bistro on the Roof of the Dive Center. For the upcoming seasons we offer here more space for your Family and Friends and an extra Tide Pool for the Kids and Scuba experience with Sipaway Divers Philippines.

Party Tent for rent!

For our Day-guest and as well for occasions we have found the perfect Party and celebration Tent. For a small fee we will set up the Tent for your occasion and provide as well chairs and Tables . The Tend provides shadow and will protect you from the Rain.

Menu Impressions

The Whispering Palms Resort a la Card Menu offers you a wide variety of local and international Food. Every dish is made with passion and fresh.


Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com

  • Buddha's View
  • Seaview Houses
  • Observation tower
  • Native Houses
  • Swimmingpool
  • Hammocks
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cycling
  • Kayaking
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Fitness
  • Chess
  • Climbing House
  • Slide
  • Swing
  • 2 Playhouses
  • Catamaran
  • Philippine monkeys
  • Kalao, hornbills
  • Cockatoos, parrots
  • Love birds
  • Crocodile "Stephanie"
  • Snake House
  • Guinea fowl
Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort - RELAX. After arriving immediately relaxing, enjoy total relaxation is our philosophy! Relax and enjoy, you will find many ways with us at the resort to treat your body and give your mind a break ...
Located directly on the waterfront between diving school, a refreshing breeze is almost always guaranteed. This is the ideal place for our relaxing massages.
Five Seaview Houses, which can be reached via a 50 m long bridge, that leads to the Sea. Read an amazing book from our resort library or listen to the gentle waves.
Our new tower in the middle of the bird sanctuary in our mangrove forest, from there you can enjoy an peaceful view of the whole Whispering Palms bungalows and the island of Sipaway.
Sports in general and any physical activity are essential for a healthy body and mind. Take a break from your holiday-everyday and play a game of tennis or badminton. Play against a friend. Or use our modern fitness equipment for a workout.
The dive sites in the Philippines offer a great variety and diversity in spectacularly beautiful coral gardens in Negros. The "Sipaway Divers Philippines" dive center invites you to snorkel and dive. More information at our dive center.
Once around the island Sipaway? No problem! Enjoy the ride the whole day long. A great way to explore the mangrove forests by kayak. This is an ecological and colorful adventure with family or friends.
Here is the opportunity to enjoy the scenic backdrop of a lovely tropical beach! Sun, beach volleyball and tropical cocktails, for a volley-match -just before sunset- you can find almost always an opponent.

Tañon Bistro


Center Point Bar

Restaurant - Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort

Whispering Palms - The food

Which western and Philippine food and drinks you can get at Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort?

Heavenly delicious... The Philippine dishes are very diverse. There are lots of fish, chicken, beef and pork grilled

The typical menu is a multicultural potpourri of many kitchens. Since Spanish sounding dishes are seasoned with a pinch of China and simmered after Philippine Art.

Seafood Restaurant

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort - Bars and Restaurants

The bar is located in the heart of the Resort and is the focal point for all our guests. Here you meet with a cool beer, cocktail or refreshing soft drink, to chat and celebrate.
The Tanon Bistro is located on the roof of the Dive Center. Here is the deco beer tastes very good and according to the name of the bistro "you will have a stunning view of the Tanon Street and the Island of Cebu" you'll finish an exciting day of Scuba Diving.
The Shell-Restaurant and Reception offers a variety of our great food and a perfect atmosphere for your Check in and Check out.
The "Seafoods Grill House" is located directly by the sea. Enjoy your breakfast or dinner with the slight sound of the waves and a refreshing breeze accompanied by the sea.


Come with us on an unforgetable journey!

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0)929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com


Come on down and let us show you the Island of NEGROS. We know our islands intimately and are ready to let you in on all the secrets that paradise has to offer with our own hand-picked adventures.

We help you...We help you...

find an excursion destination or advise you, if you have already found your target.

We organize...We organize...

the whole trip to the local attractions, the meals and everything for you.

We'll create...We'll create...

a detailed itinerary and request accompanied by our expert guide from the beginning.

Sipaway Island Trip

We invite you to ride across the Island Sipaway with our Multicap - the best opportunity to fall in love with the island.

Robinson Crusoe Tour

In our hectic world of work - some people dreaming of how to spend Robinson Crusoe his time, entirely on their own, on an uninhabited Philippine island.

Mambukal - Negros Tour

Mambukal - Negros. During the 2-hour trip from our resort's own minibus you will visit the Chocolate Hills of Negros.

Calatrava Nationalpark

Calatrava. While this tour you'll ride with our resort's jeep over mostly unpaved paths for Calatrava National Park and the Alinsyawan waterfalls.

Carabao "Cowboy" Tour

Carabao. Experience with real "Carabao Cowboys" an exciting tour through the Canlaon National Park.

Sipaway Island-TourWhispering Palms Bungalow Resort
The tour is always on weekdays in the morning in order to be able attend the kindergarten and possibly the school, where children proudly show off their skills. Another stop is the Balete tree, supposedly the largest in the Visayas. Along the streets surrounded with the mango trees, this has all his own story just like many other places on the island and the people as well.
Robinson Crusoe IslandWhispering Palms Bungalow Resort
Getting up on time? The escape from reality? No cell phones, no media, no important dates? Do you wish it sometimes? Then you are "Ready for the island"! Spend an amazing time on an uninhabited island. Far away from all civilization with nothing but the Philippine pure nature around you. We offer this unique travel experience.
Mambukal Tour - NegrosWhispering Palms Bungalow Resort
On Magic Point "Km 34" You are faced with a natural wonder - you will be surprised and look forward to the evening discussions about this phenomenon. Once we arriving in the Mambukal Holiday Resort it's Lunchtime. After this strengthening we'll bring you through a nature trail up to the seven waterfalls, there you can swim under the waterfall or after the way back just relax in the swimmingpool (hot sulfur bath).
Calatrava NationalparkWhispering Palms Bungalow Resort
As first, bananas, peanuts or bread have to be bought to feed the wild monkeys in the mountains. Then you experience the original life of the basket weavers in their cave in Barangay Bagacay with the opportunity to buy hand-woven souvenirs. Enjoy the swim stop on the cooling Alinsywan waterfalls and look forward to the final lunch in a typical Filipino restaurant. Our "Monkey Tour" with the ultimate off-road feeling.
Carabao "Cowboy" TourWhiapering Palms Bungalow Resort
Let's jump on an almost untamed water buffalo, your buffalo will carrying you through the beautiful landscape of rice terraces Canlaon. After about 1.5 hours on your own bulls over mountains, through rivers, boulders we'll reach the starting point again. Here awaits you a tasty snack. After a native ceremony you'll be included in the circle of "Carabao Cowboys".

Scuba Diving with Sipaway Divers

**Something Cool is comming soon **

Sipaway Divers please contact us +63 (0) 929 873 1146, Email: info@whispering-palms.com

Prices for Accommodation and Ecursions

Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0) 929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com


₱ 2.500per Night

2 Persons


₱ 4.200per night

2 Persons

Family Deluxe

₱ 4.700per night

2 - 4 Persons


₱ 7.000per night

4 Persons
# EXTRA Services Price
1 Cebu Hotel including breakfast and airport service 2 persons 3.800 Php
2 Transfer Hotel Toledo including guide exclude breakfast for 2 persons 2.200 Php
# Food Price
1 Breakfast (3 different breakfast packages selectable) 380 Php
2 Lunch (Free choice of main course a la carte) 580 Php
3 Dinner (3-course menu, free selectable main course a la carte) 760 Php



₱ 3.000per Person

Lunch included max.4 Persons

Calatrava-Monkey Tour

₱ 3.000per Person

Lunch included max. 4 Persons

Bais Dolphin Tour

₱ 6.000per Person

- max. 4 Persons

Boats Tour

₱ 1.800per Person

BBQ included min. 8 Persons
# Transfers ** Price
1 Cebu - Sipaway 3.500 Php
2 Sipaway - Dauin 3.600 Php
3 Sipaway – Bacolod (Silay Airport) 3.000 Php
4 Sipaway - Guihulngan 2.000 Php
5 Sipaway - Toledo   600 Php
6 Sipaway - Sipalay 6.000 Php

** Per way, per person – price with a minimum of 2 persons, single transfer price on request

Whispering Palms Island Resort


Whispering Palms Bungalow Resort on Sipaway Island - Info TEL.: +63 (0) 929 8731146 - Email: info@whispering-palms.com


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